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About Bitcoin Cycle

WHAT IS THE Bitcoin Cycle?

The emergence of cryptocurrencies changed the global financial landscape, and they came about at a time when the world was suffering from the global economic crisis of 2008. Bitcoin’s introduction coincided with the global recession caused by deregulation policies in the United States.

Cryptocurrencies became popular because they are peer-to-peer currencies that are decentralized, borderless, transparent, and completely verifiable, yet pseudonymous. These attributes boosted their demand amidst the financial crisis, but only a few investors believed in them enough to invest in them. These early investors were believers in the crypto dream as they viewed them to be the future of money. They also had immense faith in blockchain, the underlying technology behind most cryptocurrencies.

The rise of Bitcoin from below $1 to its peak of $20,000 by 2017 saw everyone take notice of this unique asset class. Over time, cryptos have even become solid digital stores of value. The early investors leveraged and cashed in on the opportunity, while more investors watched the market keenly. Thousands of other cryptocurrencies have been developed since then as investors look for the next ‘Bitcoin.’

While we may not have any cryptos in the market that increased in value as Bitcoin did within a short period, the fact is, cryptocurrencies can be traded profitably online. In addition, cryptocurrencies retained their best-defining feature; volatility of their prices. In asset speculation, volatility supersedes everything as people make money from price changes. With cryptocurrencies, their prices are volatile 24/7.

Despite this benefit, volatility is not easy to leverage. Hence, the founders of the Bitcoin Cycle developed a system that allows all types of investors to leverage volatility and earn daily profits. Bitcoin Cycle is an automated crypto trading software that deploys the best day trading strategies alongside the most advanced technologies in Fintech to trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies automatically. In this way, all members get to earn thousands of dollars every week. Join us today and get your slice of the crypto cake.

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About Our Team

The dream to help more people earn money via crypto trading led to the development of the Bitcoin Cycle, an automated trading software designed for the crypto asset class. The founding members are vastly experienced in various fields and they worked together to develop the most effective trading software in the world. The team comprises of veteran financial traders, career economists, mathematicians, and leading developers.

Bitcoin Cycle was taken for beta testing after it was developed as the founders sought to validate the live trading performance of the software. Beta testers were chosen from a massive pool to include both seasoned and novice investors. The results were impressive, and the software was then made public for a limited period only. This is your opportunity to join the Bitcoin Cycle community for free today and to take advantage of the expertise of the most successful financial traders of our time to earn massive profits!